Custom Mixes

Your backing track the way YOU want it.
Songs that are “impossible” to find!


Are you having trouble trying to obtain a backing track of a particular song? Even though we list over 30,000 songs in our catalogue, we understand that a more obscure song might be just the one you need!

We can produce a complete new track for you, either as per the original recording or with your own personal changes (key, arrangement etc.) Our team of talented musicians and producers can cover almost any genre.

Prices vary depending on the project. For a quote please contact us providing a reference recording where possible, or a link to a reference recording.


Stems and custom mixes are now available for many titles in our catalogue. Where available, you will see the option to add them to your shopping cart.

Stems in MP3 format (320kbps) for personal use only* are priced at £14.99 plus VAT where applicable

Stems in WAV format for limited commercial use** are priced at £49.99 plus VAT where applicable

* Personal use includes…

** Limited commercial use includes…


If you’d like changes made to an existing song from our catalogue we can give you a quote. For example you might like to remove certain instruments from the mix. Anything is possible from small edits to complete remixes.


We usually produce our backing tracks in the same key as the original recording. However if you need an alternative key we can do it for you.

In most cases we can make high quality key changes using top-of-the-range software technology of up to 2 semitones above or below the original key on request at no extra cost. For more extreme key changes please get in touch as each recording will vary. An additional fee may be required in some cases.


We supply our backing tracks in the highest quality MP3 format, but if you prefer a WAV file (16bit) simply contact us after placing an order and we’ll deliver the files you need.


If you are looking for anything else, we can probably help too! We produce all sorts of music everyday including jingles, ringtones, workout remixes, relaxation and new age, instrumentals and kids songs. Speak with us today!