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Here we hope to answer any questions you may have about our service or our website. Simply click on a question to view the answer. If you have any further queries please contact us!

Your performance license
How much do the tracks cost and are there any extra 'hidden' costs?

The standard price for Backing Tracks is currently £3.99 +V.A.T. per track.

VOCAL GUIDE versions for rehearsal purposes are £0.99 +V.A.T. per track.

CUSTOM MIXES and STEM MULTITRACKS are available – contact us for pricing

Can I listen to samples before I buy?

Yes, we have audio previews for all our songs. To hear them you need to first choose a song by clicking on it. Then select a version from the menu called “Version”. Once you’ve selected one the audio sample player will appear just below that menu.

Click here to see a screenshot of an example

We are aware that some previews are missing. If by any chance you come across a song that will not play, please let me know and we’ll fix it immediately. If there’s anything else we can help with, please feel free to email us directly by reply.

What format are downloaded files in or what is the MP3 rate?

All our downloadable files are available as MP3 format encoded at the highest rate of 320kbps. In the unlikely event that you download a file that is a lower quality please get in contact with us we will quickly replace any of these for you.

Can i use my purchased track to record myself singing and make a CD, sell on iTunes or upload to YouTube?

You will need additional licensing. Read more here: NON-COMMERCIAL PROMOTIONAL or DEMO (NCPD) license

I wish to use one of your tracks in a television programme / commercial CD / radio station etc. Do I need an additional license?

In almost all situations that do not fall under the basic agreement you (or the party broadcasting or using our track) will need to contact us and arrange an additional license.

I would like a printed catalogue.

Unfortunately we no longer offer printed catalogues by mail. However, you can request a downloadable file from us and print it yourself. Please bear in mind that the website search will be far more up-to-date than these downloadable catalogues.

My tracks/disks have been lost or stolen. Can I get a replacement?

Yes, you are always able to download tracks from your previous orders. See My Account page to view your orders and downloads. If there are tracks or older orders missing we should be able to import them into our website for you so please contact us with your full details plus any old addresses or email addresses you may have used. Please note however that for particularly old orders we may need to see some proof of purchase.

Can I order a track in a different key?

We individually list every key that we already have available. Usually this is the original “cover” key as used on the original artist’s recording, however we may have other keys available. If you would like the song in a key that is within 2 semitones higher or lower than the original key we can often do this for no extra charge. All we ask is for you to purchase the track in the original key and then email us confirming your order number and key change details. We will then send you a new link to download the key changed version. If a more extreme key change is required there may be an additional fee.

Do all your tracks have proper endings rather than fading out?

In almost all cases our tracks have proper endings. If you order any from our catalogue that fade out just drop us a message and we’ll send you a new version with a proper ending at no extra cost.

Can I cancel / remove / delete my account from your website?

Yes, of course. In line with GDPR laws we can delete your personal account details from our servers. To do this please contact us and we will remove your account.

Where can I view your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is here:

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