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Here we hope to answer any questions you may have about our service or our website. Simply click on a question to view the answer. If you have any further queries please click here to ask us a question!

General Questions

SBI produce and license music worldwide, specialising in cover versions and backing tracks for professional singers and karaoke. This website is aimed at performing singers who require the very best backing tracks available. If you are interested in our tracks for any other use, you may wish to visit our other website at When you purchase from SBI, you are effectively buying a license from us which gives you all rights that we can allow you in order to perform with the track live. You are not buying the recording itself, although our fees include an administration cost for copying the track onto a CD-R or supplying an MP3 for you to download for use under the licensing agreement. Please note that we can only supply a license for the recording and in some situations you may be liable to pay royalties to the composer(s) of the title in question.

PLAYBACK is the industry standard term for a backing track (a musical recording with the vocal performance missing). Our backing tracks are produced to a very high standard and are as 'soundalike' to the original popular recordings as possible.

+b/vox means 'plus backing vocals' which is the musical backing PLUS all non-lead vocals.

VOCAL GUIDE or COMPLETE is a version of our backing track WITH the lead vocal part performed on top — these COMPLETE versions are available to you strictly as a guide for you to learn the song and are not intended to be played or performed publicly.

MULTIPLEX is a special format where the backing track is on one channel of the audio, with the vocal guide on the other. This allows you to use your audio playback system's "balance" control to dial in the lead vocal to help you out when practising the song.

VAT (Value Added Tax) is sales tax which is currently only applied if you reside in an EU country. If you reside in other countries no VAT will be applied to your order.

All our most recent additions are available as MP3 format encoded at 256kbps to 320kbps. There are a few older tracks that have been encoded at 128kbps although we are in the process of replacing these in a higher quality format. If you desire a higher quality audio file, please contact us after placing your order and we will happily forward one to you.

Tracks for instant download are available immediately after your payment and can be found in your website INBOX. Disc orders are usually despatched within 1 or 2 working days from the point that we receive your order. In some cases, a track may still be in production and in such circumstances we will inform you of the expected date of despatch at our earliest convenience.

Custom Mix tracks need to be specially produced to your requirements. We hope to get them out within the usual quoted time but will get in contact if we expect any delay.

In almost all situations that do not fall under the basic agreement you (or the party broadcasting or using our track) will need to contact us and arrange an additional license.

All recordings supplied by SBI are copyrighted, and you must not duplicate, lend, hire out, broadcast, resell the tracks, or in any way breach the licensing agreement without further permission from SBI.

We cannot printed sheet music. If you want to purchase it we suggest that you try a site such as this one.

We cannot supply copies of the original artists recording. Instead we offer vocal guides for most titles. These are our backing tracks with a soundalike vocalist singing the lead vocal line. If you want to purchase original artist titles we suggest that you try one of the many sites available.

Unfortunately we no longer offer printed catalogues by mail. However, you can download a recent listing in PDF, Excel or Word doc format and print it yourself. Please bear in mind that the website search will be far more up-to-date than these downloadable catalogues.

Please contact us as soon as possible using any of the methods on our contact page.

We individually list every key that we already have available. Usually this is the original "cover" key as used on the original artist's recording, however we may have other keys available. If you would like the song in a key that is within 2 semitones higher or lower than the original key we can often do this for no extra charge. All we ask is for you to purchase the track in the original key and then contact us confirming your order number and key change details. We will then provide you with a new link to download the key-changed version.

Wherever possible, if a song has any explicit lyrics we will also offer a "Clean" version. What this actually means can vary depending on the type of track:
For Vocal Guides/Complete versions any explicit lyrics will be removed or replaced
For backing tracks with backing vocals the explicit words are replaced IF there were any in the original backing vocals parts - if there weren't then the "Clean" version will be identical to the "Explicit" version.
For backing tracks without any backing vocals the "Clean" and "Explicit" tags are irrelevant and both versions will be identical.

In almost all cases our tracks have proper endings. If you order any from our catalogue that fade out just drop us a message and we'll send you a new version with a proper ending totally free of charge.

Website related questions

Yes, of course. In line with GDPR laws we can delete your personal account details from our servers. To do this please drop us an email at [email protected] and we will remove your account.

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