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6 years 50 weeks ago

The Les Miserables film was a huge hit, and we've got backing tracks for all the major songs from the Soundtrack, available to download immediately, or order on disc. See the whole list here.

6 years 50 weeks ago

We've produced the entire Babel album by Mumford and Sons as pro backing tracks and they are all available to download instantly right now. And don't forget that you can order these as a "custom mix" so if you want to have your track with for example the acoustic guitars out so you can strum along yourself just let us know in the custom mix box. Have it your way - however you may want it! See all our Mumford & Sons titles here.

6 years 50 weeks ago

We're proud to be the first to have completely covered the newest David Bowie masterpiece "The Next Day" - all available now as our usual high quality professional backing tracks! Of course, our David Bowie song back catalogue is extensive too. You can see every title we have on offer here.

8 years 1 week ago

Our March 2012 promotion has come to an end, but there's good news - our discount for newsletter subscribers is back and better than ever! Now you can save £2 on every stock backing track that you order (subscriber price £5.99, regular price £7.99 - subject to taxes and any other usual applicable fees). If you don't have the subscriber coupon code what are you waiting for? Sign up now and remember to check your email inbox!

8 years 18 weeks ago

We can now offer you a custom mix (for example, lead guitar – saxout etc.) of certain catalogue titles. The cost for a custom mix will be GBP 20 (+VAT) and the number of titles for which we can offer this service will rise quickly over the following months as we continue to work on this service. Those of you not choosing to pay extra for a custom mix will also benefit from 100’s of stock special mixes which will be added on an almost daily basis.

If a custom mix option is available you'll see it in the list of available versions when you search for a track. You can also view a list of currently available titles by using the "…show items on a particular label" option in the search boxes which will take you to this page.

8 years 42 weeks ago

As requested by you we are working on improving audio quality of our backing tracks. In addition to many improvements in our recording studios we are pleased to announce that new additions are now available in a higher bitrate MP3 file. All new titles will be provided in 256kbps and our older 128kbps files are in the process of being replaced with the higher bitrate. At any time, if you do require a higher quality format please contact us after placing your order and we'll be happy to forward it to you.

9 years 14 weeks ago

Our backing tracks are still priced at a fantastic £8 each, but by subscribing to our newsletter you can receive an additional £1.50 discount, bringing each track to just £6.50 each!

Please also accept this as a thank you to all our loyal customers and an incentive to those who haven't tried SBI yet to do so.

To take advantage of the special pricing you need to use the special coupon code which is only available when you subscribe to our newsletter. If you are experiencing any problems subscribing or using the secret code please email [email protected]

10 years 14 weeks ago

We are pleased to annouce that in addition to backing tracks and vocal guides, many of our titles are now also available in Multiplex format. This special format features a vocal guide on one side of the audio track allowing you to "dial in" the guide vocal when rehearsing a song.

10 years 48 weeks ago

Our telephone lines are now open from 2pm GMT until 10pm GMT.

Click here for contact details.

12 years 14 weeks ago

Our backing tracks are now available as downloadable audio files. These are in mp3 format and can be played with any compatible player, or burnt on to CD using your favourite software program.

We still offer our tracks on a CD. You can choose to download your tracks, receive them on CD by post or do both if you wish. If you choose to receive a CD copy you will be charged the usual administration fee, but this will be waived for downloaded tracks.

With newer titles the option to download an MP3 file may not yet be available. In these situations, we offer the option to order an MP3 to be sent via email. This has to be done by a member of staff so there will be a slight delay. We usually try to send the mp3 within 24 hours, so this is still a faster method than ordering on CD.